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Private Tennis Lessons

Individual Lessons

Private lessons are available at different levels for all pupils irrespective of age or ability.

Each lesson is tailored to the individuals needs to maximise learning.

Fantastic way to start your tennis journey in a relaxed environment.

These can be for an hour or 45minutes.

Come join us on court today?

ASCoaching Guiding Principles Individual Lessons

Approach each lesson with game relevance around individual ability level.
  • E.g. Can they trade from the baseline FH/BH
  • E.g. Can they build from the FH
Analysis of players perceptions then physical capabilities.
  • Receiving skills/footwork/balance
Drills and exercises relevant to achieving goals.
  • Relevant feeding positions/hand/racket/rally

This allows for the same structured approach to lessons under AS Coaching guiding principles. Allows greater goal setting for each pupil and more structured feedback to the player and parents where relevant.